Magic Loop FO

ML 11 Magic Loop Socks completed

2885727382_8dd51ee082 Done!

I love the colour of this yarn but confess that I do not like the Regia as much as Opal sock yarns to knit with. Unfortunately, I bought ten balls on sale. Ah well.

As for the Magic Loop? The jury is still out. There are several advantages for me, but I still dislike working with circulars and their disappointing habit of kinking and snarling. Speed may be the deciding factor. It certainly is faster than juggling four or five DPNs.

I shall now transfer Mr L’s Vanilla Mansocks to circs and see how they progress. Then I shall feel equipped to make a decision.

I think I shall also try the Bayret hat on Magic Loop as well.

What I have to do now is to exhibit some Socktoberfest backbone and get the Vanillas done before I sidle off to play with lace or cables. I owe it to Mr L to produce for him at least one pair of wearable socks!