’tis a very fragrant morning this day…

I am running v late and must get my skates on. Spinning is at P’s and my plan to cycle up there looks doomed, the weather has deteriorated again after a mild, still night.

The Vanilla Mansocks made it onto the circs last night and sock #1 was completed. I have about 2″ of leg on the second sock done. I shall take the sock with me today.

I decided the other day to finally protect my fibres and thus, in today’s post: 48 cedar wood balls in one parcel and a half kilo of lavender flowers in another. Along with the lavender are some dried petals (rose, calendula, safflower), just in case I ever actually make it into the utility room to make paper. I squeezed the parcel, wondering what was inside it. My nose told me very swiftly what it was. I think we can safely say that this lavender is the genuine article!

Right – I must get on with my day! I need to find some muslin from somewhere now. I shall be making lavender bags until the cows come home, I think.