Cough, cough, wheeze

I survived Quilting Part 2 last night and now have 2 rows of my 9 square block sewn together to prove my efforts. Homework to be done for 4 weeks’ time is to sew the complete block and find material for the border. I was exhausted afterwards. It takes a lot of effort and concentration for naturally cack-handed and slapdash persons such as me. I took to my bed when I got home, with some chocolate and a glass of port… and my sock.

I didn’t sleep well – my head was whirring and I couldn’t breathe very well. This morning I am tired and irritable and very wheezy, coughing a lot (and unable to find my inhaler) and have a headache. In short, I am grumpy.

I have spent the entire morning making Moussaka. This may have something to do with the fact that the only lamb that I had in the house was in the form of a few small cutlets. I had to take the meat off the bone, trim it, then mince it. I hope that it was worth the effort. It smells good anyway – whereas I smell like a greasy fried aubergine.

The Moussaka is for lunch and we shall have it with a rocket salad and some new potatoes. Not very authentic, but I am ensuring that the fresh stuff we purchased last week is eaten in rotation so that nothing gets wasted.

Today’s good news: domestic heating fuel is down to 46p a litre. We shall place an order soon. Hurrah! Also, my purchase of 4 sets of Addi circulars for £9.99 has arrived. I have no idea if they are authentic or not (they came from HK via eBay) but they will do me for now and the price was right. I can at last complete my Rainbow Swallowtail. That’s good, because I certainly feel in need of a lace fix.

The Magic Loop socks are well on the way to completion. My ETA is still some time tomorrow. So long as I don’t head off in search of some lace first.