Low ebb

I have been having a very low energy week and seem generally at a low ebb. Nothing has been getting done. Not even for Mr L’s birthday. And certainly no knitting. I just haven’t seemed able to get my act together at all recently

That must change.

So far today  I have managed to push the Dyson around the sitting room. Well, it’s a start. I emptied the office bins as well. That’s more work than I have done for several days!

What’s next? A chowder and some soda bread for lunch, that’s what. Later on, I’ll bake those sponge fingers and make the Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake so that it’s ready for Saturday night.

That’s probably the whole day taken care of, but I’d like to write another post later on – on the subject of obsession…

Last night, we did more treasure hunting – and spent far longer than we had intended in cutting up pieces of paper and rearranging them. It could be worse. We might have more expensive, mind-numbing,  or dangerous habits.

Shall I post the Tiramisu Ice Cream recipe when I am done with it?