I mentioned a few days ago that I had become obsessed and was having to exercise great self-discipline in order not to buy yarn and cast on. Since than I haven’t found the time to divulge all. I’m ready to share…

I was having one of my regular perusals of the newly listed Ravelry patterns when I saw this Girasole blanket – and was immediately smitten. A couple of days later Jared blogged about it with his usual wonderful photographs to illustrate.

It is all I can think about! I dream of it at night. It is weird. I really am obsessed with it and I feel a compulsion to knit it as soon as possible.

We certainly need some throws/rugs/blankets. We find that we never use the sitting room, because of the draughts, and a few throws in there would be really useful. O.K. this design is probably not cat-compatible, but I don’t care. I just want to make one. Or three. There will certainly be two as I would like one to toss over our bed as well.

It would look good in handspun, but I doubt that I have the patience to spin enough yarn for it. Maybe for a second one, but right now I just want to cast on. I was thinking about some Aran weight wool from New Lanark Mills – a rug’s worth would run out at around £30 plus postage. I have had the yarn in my basket twice already but the knowledge that (a) I don’t actually have the wherewithal and (b) there is that sweater waiting to be done combined to stop me before checking out.

I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out. I really want to knit a Girasole soon.

I have no idea why.

Really. None.

On Other Obsessions: (Mr L’s Pizza obsession) the pizza stone arrived this morning. It is pre-baking at top temperature for an hour, then will be ready to trial on the birthday pizza this weekend. (My Yarn obsession) my November Solids Club yarn from The Yarn Yard arrived today as well. It is simply gorgeous – though rather not “me” and will end up as a present for somebody some time. No details yet as some club members will not be seeing their parcels for a while yet. Photos later.  I have one more parcel to come, paid for before cancelling. Then this love affair must go on hold for a while until better times arrive.

PS how about a Girasole in this, in Plum Heather, for throwing over my amethyst coloured sofa (I have green curtains, if you recall)?