The Frog Pond

Tomorrow is scheduled for frogging projects that I really can’t be bothered to complete, for whatever reason. I am rescheduling that activity to begin today, in the breaks between Antalya repeats. It’s a good change of activity for my hands. That should leave tomorrow free to knit the mitt that should have been done today.

Seven projects are biting the dust today, reducing the UFO list by six as I wish to re-knit the Norie.

Here is the Frog pond:

Going are:

  • Blue DK cabled mitts – coming out way oversized
  • Handspun Cushion cover – what was I thinking of? It needs to be a much denser gauge
  • Icing – was a test knit and theyarn is too little for a decent scarf. I’ll make this again but in another yarn
  • Very Terhi – I hated knitting these and I hate the way that they look and feel and I hate the fact that they are odd and one needs to be re-knit.
  • Spiraluscious mitts – I’m uncommitted to these. Was just using up yarn that I used for the matching cowl, which I still have not worn and probably never will. Too dressy for me.
  • Quill – a lot of work for little reward. I’ll try it again some other time.

There is one more item I am close to frogging but I do need to check my instincts on the amount of yarn remaining and confirm that I cannot actually complete it.

I’m minded, given the forgoing, to give away the Spiraluscious cowl. If anybody wants it, plus maybe the remaining yarn to do something useful with, I’ll p/hop it.

35 projects remaining to be dealt with.

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