Little Thrills

Today’s thrill is a simple one. I sight Spring!

Perhaps through a telescope, but by golly, she’s there, rustling her skirts all right.

The sun is out, the chooks are cranking up production (3 eggs yesterday, one of which was in the rhubarb patch) and I have gathered six eggs together — so we shall have a mushroom omelette for lunch. The ploughman is hard at work in the field to the West of the Acre — no doubt seeding will follow — and the starlings are on the roof,  investigating last year’s nesting sites and squabbling over whose location it is. Even Mr & Mrs Blackbird are making eyes at each other. Yes, it is early. I think it is mainly juveniles that feel some kind of urge springing and don’t yet fully understand it. They are gathering around the hen coop, picking up feathers and looking at them as if to say “hmmm, looks useful for something…” and eventually losing interest.

Mother Spring will send them stronger messages soon enough, and we are but 2 weeks away from the birds’ traditional date of mating now that I come to think on it — almost February already. In the meantime, it is kind of her to show us her petticoats for a few hours and let us know that Winter truly does have an end. Once again, I am distraught that we have not yet got around to planting daffodils. Maybe this year. Maybe we shall…

I am certainly welcoming the longer days. That little extra daylight really improves my sense of well-being. Like the birds, I feel my sap rising and my energy levels are improved already. I feel less inclined to hibernate in front of the fire and more like expending some energy in the great outdoors. Should have gone to town today, really. At ten to six, I was all up for it. Then I fell asleep again and didn’t wake until the boat was departing.

So, Winter is on its way out but I am still working on a heavy ultra-warm huge scarf. Yes, that makes about as much sense as things usually do around here. Good job I have socks-with-holes to look forward to. In the meantime, a romp to the end of the Clapotis today methinks (Finish #1). ‘T’will soon be too warm to have that thing nestling in my lap, and I refuse to add another UFO to the heap. We are in Finishing Mode in 2011. Oh, yes indeedy. What’s today? Thursday? Can I finish the second Mingus by Sunday night? Only if I exclude all other activities… and I’d quite like to roast a joint this weekend. OK. Feb 1st is Tuesday – shall I promise a conclusion to the Mingus socks by close of day on Monday… clearing the decks for Gordes?

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