Would you prefer a fibre thrill?

(Caroline’s preferences noted)

OK. Perhaps I short changed us with today’s all-natural Thursday Thrill. Would we like a quick fibre jolly as well?

I’ve been keeping this one quiet. To be honest, I did not dare to even think about it.

I have been hanging out (briefly) in the Ravelry KAL group that goes with the Silk Road Socks book.  I mentioned there the challenge of obtaining sock yarns in the heavier gauge that our Transatlantic Cousins seem to favour — at least at an affordable price. Somebody very kindly mentioned a US source that mails parcels free to the UK.  I internally huffed a little and have not yet responded (though I must, this very day). The current exchange rate is not in our favour and I anticipated exceeding the import limit and paying VAT if I should order.

Well, I looked anyway.

Nice yarns.

Today I looked more closely. I had been looking up sources of Smooshy now that Alice no longer sells sock yarns. The price for that hovers around £16, with few colour choices now available in the UK (that I can see so far)  plus p&p at varying levels. Smooshy is a nice yarn.  A very nice yarn. It makes great socks — when funds are in.

Well, I took a closer look at Colorsong. I found this merino/nylon sock yarn at just $17.95 delivered. At today’s rates that is, according to Google, 11.295702 British pounds. Which is cheaper even than many UK based indie dyers before adding postage. And you get a larger skein. More bits for the blankie.

I have sent away for one skein. Two would be risking that £8 admin fee from the Royal Mail. Just to research on everyone’s behalf, of course. Magnanimous of me, don’t you think? 🙂

Oh, it’s tangerine – for a pair of these.

I think I need to look even more closely at the Colorsong site — but first of all I need to go an make an omelette, with new poatatoes, grilled tomatoes and petits pois.

ADDENDUM: I forgot to say… I managed to select 12 yarns from stash – with the tangerine skein on order, I need just one more skein to complete the book.

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It’s a reasonable day today and thus we have the back doors standing open. This means that Chloé can come and go as she pleases (she refuses to use the cat flaps and expects us to give her ingress and egress via the sitting room window). We were taking a coffee break in between sorting out the van, when we heard a strange Chloé-type noise. I did not like it. I wondered if she hadContinue readingThanks!

Petunias always make me think of Dinghies

Petunias always make me think of Dinghies

It has been a busy day, not much time for anything. We walked the dog this morning but I took no photographs until I decided to take a few potshots in the village on our way back.

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