WIP Wednesday again. We have WIPs.

1 – Clapotis in Colinette Art “Madras” (sorry about the awful snapshot)

Making excellent progress (until I took it to Spinning Group today…) and now at the stage where I should be decreasing. I have yarn in hand and may well extend the scarf a little before decreasing. It is (literally) heavy going and hard on the wrists – 300 grams plus, now. Maybe I’ll do a hat.

I knitted away at Spinning. It’s dead easy, Clapotis, isn’t it? A doddle. Yes? Well, it would seem that my poor brain can’t cope with something that simple and chat and eat cake at the same time. Errors were introduced. Worse still was to come after I got home…

I have been religiously staggering the joins between skeins, as the dye lots differ quite alarmingly. I’ve been knitting two rows from the old ball, followed by two from the new, rinse and repeat. I’ve just introduced the 4th skein. I came to cut off the end of the old ball, and found myself with the new ball in my hand… its end hanging loose. Whoops.

2 – Spinning. The reason that I was knitting today at Spinning was because I couldn’t bear for anybody to see the rustic nature of yesterday’s spinning. No progress pics. It’s best kept to myself. Honestly.

3 – Mingus Socks. Second sock coming along OK. Now at R23 of the first leg repeat on the second sock. No pics today, it doesn’t look very exciting at this stage. Trust me.

4 – Spinning Cake today was not cake, but tart… Bakewell Pudding, in actual fact. No pictures. We ate it. It was lovely. There were many Mmmmm… noises.

5 – No weaving progress this week.

I need to get my skates on with the knitting and finish both the scarf and the sock by 1st February. I am determined to stick to my resolve and finish 2, start 1. New sock yarns for the Silk Road Sock KALS arrived today. I am very excited and dying to cast on for Gordes. The pattern for this, and the other February KAL design are now available for individual sale, BTW.)

On another note entirely – My girls are definitely getting into the swing of it; we had three eggs this morning. Well done, ladies. Dennis is cockahoop since he heard that he is returning to Corrie. Minnie has asked him to save her a seat in the snug. We didn’t like to tell her that the Rovers is most likely not the establishment that she remembers. Elsie and Ena are head to head, as usual. Probably arguing over who lays the best eggs.

And to finish, a neighbour called round this afternoon, bringing me a bucket of plant roots with her. I went to assist in transferring from her bucket to mine… whereupon, I slipped. My heel just skidded in a patch of mud and down I went. I gracefully (!) descended to one knee, bruising it while I also managed to simultaneously twist my ankle and my wrist and also wrench my back. I am trying to find a part of my body that does not hurt now.

Do you think that there might be a slice of Bakewell Pudding left? Comfort food; always a good idea.

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  1. Susan aka paintermom
    February 4, 2011

    Hope your back heals quickly.

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