Knitting Roundup

As mentioned previously – knitting has not been happening. Between a very sore arm and a dose of winter lurgy, I just haven’t felt much like it over the last few weeks.

The urge returned a few days ago. Not the urge to pick up a UFO, however – I needed to do something  new and pretty. I cast on for a Bitterroot Shawl, using the yarn that I spun from my mystery roving gift from last Christmas. Progress was swift but the need for beads is delaying me now.

While I was ill I took very good care of myself. Part of my routine was to swaddle myself in my silk Clapotis to keep my throat and chest warm. The Clapotis has been worth its weight in gold but now badly needs a wash. I realised that given the cold snap, I needed an alternative. I remembered that I had stashed some Silk Blend for a Mobius scarf project, and I dug it out this week to make an Easy Missoni Style Long Mobius Cowl – an easy overnight project. There was some yarn left over, and that has morphed into a pair of Berry Hill fingerless mittens. FO post follows as soon as I have some good photographs. I have a new camera and don’t quite have the knack just yet…

The mittens were completed this evening. I tried to find the cowl that I was designing before Christmas, failed miserably, so got out a pair of UFO mittens (Very Terhi) – which I am now working on and intend to complete before picking up anything else – unless of course the Bitterroot beads turn up in the meantime.

Did I say “design” ? Why, yes, I did. I was bitten by the urge to make my own projects up and have two projects on the needles at present. One is a hat, for handspun – the other is a wonderfully soft and cosy 4ply neck cowl. My hope is that both will appear as written patterns before too long. SpinningGill is eager to test knit the cowl for me and as she is an experienced proof-reader and editor, I am expecting that the cowl pattern will be 100% perfect on release 🙂