Hello Blog! Still here? I think that I might have forgiven you for wandering off and thinking that I had forsaken you.

There has been little to say, less to see… and much to challenge me in other areas of life. Life with a capital ell continues to throw both challenge and stress at us – I may be a little hit and miss around here for some time to come but all will come well in the end, I am sure.

Spirits remain low, particularly after weeks of coughing, spluttering and sneezing around here. Poor Mr L has been suffering for weeks – and all the way through his holidays from mid-December to the present. His birthday, on the 17th was mostly a non-event due to his feeling not in the least like making any effort to enjoy himself. I got my comeuppance for being smug about my immunity, and finally succumbed on the cusp of Christmas. Nothing was to stop us celebrating the holiday in our usual way however, and we packed our sandwiches and donned our boots and took the dogs for a run along the beach at Scuthvie.

The day stayed fine for us, though distant showers provided some rainbows.

That was about it for the holiday. Some minor DIY was effected, and our wedding anniversary on the 31st received but a cursory acknowledgement. Apart from that we just vegetated. We couldn’t even be bothered to put much effort into our annual Xmas treat, the Logica Armchair Treasure Hunt. I didn’t even pick up my knitting needles for weeks on end!

But enough of last year – we have a shiny new one to play with! Alas, the change in date has not provided a change in circumstances and poor Mr L is still faced with much work stress. He is back at his desk this week and slowly recovering from his winter virii.

I seem to be bouncing back in my usual optimistic fashion. The knitting needles are out once more and we have the first FOs of 2010 to document… I think that I shall save knitting news for a separate post.

Summary: alive and well, though not particularly talkative right now, and still trying my best to stay away from the computer and to rest my arm, which has been giving me a lot of trouble since I took on a DTP job at the end of last year. There are no resolutions, and no non-resolutions. There will be plenty more of the same. It might just take a while to materialise.

There is An Apology. I was supposed to send prizes to people by the end of the year. You don’t have them yet. I haven’t forgotten – and I am sorry, truly. My timetables were scuppered. One day, not too far from now, you will be surprised to receive your package from out of the blue. Honestly. Like the elephant, I never forget.

Happy New Year, Blog. Don’t break it.