Bitterroot beads

The beads arrived today for my Bitterroot shawl. I couldn’t get a very good photograph, but this may give the general idea:

Beads for my shawl
Beads for my shawl

The problem that I have now is that I cast on the second of my Very Terhi mittens last night and I kind of want to see those finished – but the notion of completing the Bitterroot is very tempting indeed. I’m not actually at the beading stage yet – I have a few rows of Chart C to do first, then 16 rows of Chart E before starting on Chart F – the beads come in halfway through that one – nowhere near as soon as I had thought. In short, I could have been knitting instead of waiting for beads. I blame my head; it is still nowhere near clear. I think it’s mostly due to stress rather than virus, to be honest.

On the subject of mittens – I wore my Mobius scarf and leftover yarn mitts out on a frozen beach today. Most cosy and very practical! I would knit either pattern again, if I had suitable yarn.

Excuse me now, please. I hope to finish Chart C before I am called to eat my Biryani. It’s smelling delicious and must be nearly ready.