Kieran Foley

With apologies to classical scholars everywhere, this Monday’s Muse is a male…

Kieran Foley has been mentioned in this blog before. He is today’s choice of Muse for very good reason – and that will become apparent soon 🙂

I harbour a suspicion that it is because Kieran is a man that I am drawn to his designs – he brings a new dimension to both lace and colourwork, with designs that are clean – and often minimal. He is about the only designer who entices me towards stranded work – now there’s a thing! I really am inspired when I see a design like this


When it comes to lace, Kieran’s clean and modern approach fires my imagination just about every time – in fact, I have fallen prey on several occasions and my pattern library is well-stocked with Knit/Lab patterns.

It strikes me as odd therefore that I have yet to complete a Knit Lab project! There is no good reason for it, just other enthusiams come along, or my yarn choice is poor and I need to begin again or the project never gets off the ground because I don’t have the right beads yet or… well, I don’t know really.

High Seas has tried to spring into life several times. I really want to see this one completed but I just do not seem able to make the right yarn choice at all. It’s Frog City where High Seas is concerned, I am sad to say. However, it is currently on the needles as one of my 10 shawls in 2010 and i hope very much to see it successfully completed this time.

Another Knit Lab pattern that I am very keen to see completed is the Harry Clarke stole. My ambition is to make it up in linen or cotton and use it as a beaded curtain in my East-facing window.

Turbulent Indigo

Kieran’s designs are modern, clean but fluid, and evoke natural forms. I seem drawn most to those designs that offer some form of scaling or progression within the design – as the High Seas does – and two of my favourites are Sound of Waves an Turbulent Indigo. I am also drawn to the sheer simplicity, and simple sheerness, of Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson

So, there you are – if you think lace and beads without frills and furbelows might inspire you finally to get to grips with knotty little holes – Kieran may well be your man. Go take  look around and while you are there, see if you can figure out what my current obsession may be.


  1. June 14, 2010

    I really need to knit Emily Dickinson, it’s just beautiful.

    • June 14, 2010

      Ethereal… and just a little bit Goth. With the right yarn and bead combo it would look stunning

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