…and this week’s jumble…


  • parcel yesterday brought 4.5mm Signature stiletto needles
  • second parcel of the day held yarn for a cotton cardigan and an as yet unassigned laceweight cone
  • (Show & Tell on both parcels come Tuesday, all being well)
  • some serious knuckling down on Friday saw the Frozen Leaves shawl completed…
  • …and washed. I’ll block it later today. FO post next Friday.
  • even more knuckling down on Friday evening saw the majority of the first sleeve attached to my Snowbird – progress pictures next Wednesday
  • The Signatures were begging to be used and a new shawl has been cast on – Chart 1 completed
  • Yesterday’s lunch was an improvised Cauliflower and Blue Cheese soup which was so delightful that I really must write the recipe down so that it can be reproduced. Some potato, some thyme, a little garlic, and chicken stock were involved.
  • Wednesday’s Spinning Cake was a Banana and Chocolate cake with a pecan streusel topping. I have now sampled said cake both cold, and warmed with vanilla ice cream on top. Surprisingly good both ways and it may be trundled out again. That being so, I’ll share the recipe one day soon.
  • OK. I’ll share the soup recipe too.

Forward planning

  1. finish snowbird sleeve (√ done Saturday)
  2. add a repeat to Link scarf (√ done Monday)
  3. begin Chart 2 on the new shawl (√ began Saturday, completed Monday)
  4. cast on Cecchetti (√ done Saturday)
  5. sprint to Cecchetti finish… (Cecchetti has reached the waistline)
  6. …while adding second sleeve to Snowbird and working on shawl Chart 2
  7. abandon all,once Romi’s Maia is released for testing
  8. Sprint to Maia finish line
  9. return to original plan
  10. find time in among 1-9 to skein and wash cotton yarn for cardigan

No, I can. I can do this. All of it. I can, I can, I …. well, maybe I can.