It’s Impossible

There is an idea in my head that involves sending hard copy photographs by post to selected correspondents once we are on the move. I enjoy snail mail and I know many people that do likewise. If we are on a Snail Trail, what could be more appropriate.

What I should like to do is is simply scribble on the reverse of an image, stamp it and then mail it off. That brings several technical challenges.

  • Purchase a portable printer so that we might print in the van versus find a printshop wherever we happen to be in the world
  • Find an ink and paper combo that will withstand the exposure to the elements when in a mail box or the postie’s hand
  • Find an ink and pen combo that doesn’t show through the image
  • Find an ink and pen combo that dries properly, doesn’t smudge and is water resistant
  • Find a paper that stamps will adhere to and not drop off.

I find myself fancying an old Polaroid camera, thereby eliminating the need to find a print shop or to lug a printer around the world with us. Old second-hand cameras can be had for around £10 to £20 from eBay.

Or a new one? or perhaps a refurbished original camera! I took a quick look at the Impossible Project, which is very exciting but seems to me to be impossibly expensive.  For two pensioners living in an impossibly fuel-hungry bus, that is. After the cost of the camera and any batteries, the film works out at £2-plus an exposure. Only 8 exposures to a pack too, so perhaps even more inhibiting than photography was in the old days when one had to carefully consider the use of any single exposure. I am not at all sure that I want to return to that level of inhibition regarding the use of my camera. I enjoy the freedom that digital gives to point the camera at anything and just see what happens.

I am currently wondering about Impossible’s highly interesting product, the INSTANT LAB UNIVERSAL.  The print unit is marginally affordable for me at this time and has the benefit of being packaged with three cassettes of film; the film remains improbably expensive thereafter. However, the ability to print selectively from proven successful photographs at will, and make multiple copies – now that seems to be a workable idea. Removing the initial investment costs and simply considering the film yields personal postcards at around £2 a throw. Considerably more than a classy conventionally-purchased one but potentially so much nicer.

Oh, look – they have the postcard angle covered. No need to worry about inks and stamps, just the extra costs… So perhaps instant print postcards could work out for me, but recipients need not expect weekly missives.

I wonder if I tried to sell some of my knitting, if I could maybe raise the necessary. I really feel my pulse racing when I consider this potential project.

Speaking of projects – Mr L is out in the front porch. Last week he laid some self-levelling compound on the old flagstone floor. Today he is putting down the underfloor insulation.. and doing the maths to see if there is sufficient left with which to floor the conservatory.

This project is not impossible, though it may sound like madness if we plan to leave this house. The thing is, the slate tiles and adhesives etcetera are taking up much garage space. We could try to sell them on but they might as well go down on the floors and perhaps increase the attractiveness of a sale when we go to market. At the least, it keeps the old man out of trouble.

I need to consider dinner today. We did not find the necessary get up and go to go shopping last weekend and so far this weekend it has been the same. Supplies are not all that low really but I seem to have no coherence in what we do have at hand. Structuring a meal is proving to be challenging. So far, all that we can think of to produce today is a Pizza. I have some Pepperoni that is not all  that far out of code (it’ll be fine, don’t worry) and a wrinkly red pepper. No Mozzarella though, so it will have to be a cheddar topping. There is no salad to serve on the side. It will be a dull meal, unless somebody can be persuaded to finish his flooring activities and come shopping with me when the shops are open. I also need to motivate him to get as far as Lady, as the Community Shop usually has fruit, veg and salad with more life in than the other shop does. Lady also offers the possibility of some meat and bacon from Donaldson’s, plus a chance of some proper Mozzarella.

What? Go on my own? No chance.  If he’s not sufficiently interested in his diet to go and shop with me, then I don’t see why I should have to suffer alone.

And now, I shall return to the treadmill, I think. Maybe I ought to take on some calories first, not yet having bothered with any breakfast.



  1. webhorus
    August 1, 2016

    Not sure how this would work for your budget and data allowances, or if you have a suitable phone, but i use for this kind of thing.

    • August 1, 2016

      Thank you, Mac, I shall look into that (though have been busy sorting out my jewellery for sale!) It is really good to “see” you and how very odd that you pop up less than 24 hrs after Steve was being all nostalgic over Cix. I was thinking about you recently, when Teddy died. What is your current cat contingent?

      • webhorus
        August 1, 2016

        Cat situation is, as always, fluid 🙂 We are currently four, but it comes and goes. I was so sorry to read about Teddy..

        You can find them on

        • August 1, 2016

          I miss him terribly. One should not have favourites but of all the cats I ever shared a home with, Ted was the best companion. We were so privileged to have him with us, and for so long. He was a real character. I tried to let Pat know that Teddy had gone but she died some time ago, I gather? Treacle was a character too, but very different to Ted and he only made it to 10 years old. Now we are catless. I’m working on it but S is very resistant.

          • webhorus
            August 1, 2016

            Yes, she died a few years ago, but we’d lost touch since we moved to East Yorkshire. My Iggy from her was the best cat I have ever had, and cannot be replaced, no matter how much I love all the others (and I do). We had to have Mustrum put to sleep last year, which was dreadfully sad, but the only thing to do – he was sixteen, and Iggy fourteen when he went from kidney failure.

          • August 1, 2016

            Well, I’ve been to the blog and you made me weep. I felt like I knew those cats personally. I wonder why I stopped following their adventures. I have no idea. It was not a conscious thing. Probably reinstalled Feedly and simply forgot to put some feeds back in. Or time. Maybe it was time. Who knows where the time goes. Anyway, I’m adding the blog back in. And I have the FB thing under control for now, until I kick FB into touch.

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