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I have a cardigan on today and am even considering adding a shawl layer. It feels really cold and we are just a day away from August!

Internetty things have been keeping me quiet of late, there has been no knitting progress as I  have been sat before my keyboard hour after hour.  Koken continues to drive me crazy and renders all progress painfully slow. I have been updating Two Snails with photos and a brief commentary on our three week trip down South in March and early April. It is not finished yet but most of the slog is done and I have finally reviewed and edited all of the photographs from our three week trip.

One thing that I have learned in this process is that I must take less of a photo album approach to these reports. I should select fewer photographs, just the best, and perhaps upload the entire albums elsewhere. Flickr would have been good but we shall have to see what happens there after the buyout.  There is always Facebook, I suppose. Overall though I feel that Two Snails requires a little more of a QA approach.

It springs to mind right now that if only I might be allowed a WordPress installation, I could blog on that and use the Koken installation as simply a photo gallery, adding links between the two. That would simplify my life. I shall keep working on my Tech Support guy.

Being so cold today led me to mount the treadmill. I have been meaning to clear a path to it for some time and finally got around to it. When we get to Kippford we want to do a minimum of three miles daily, so I wish to use the treadmill to get into suitable shape before we get down there. Today was just a warm up. I think I shall alternate my training and do one day on pushing out the time spent at a steady pace and therefore increase the mileage gradually, followed by a day concentrating on working harder/endurance – raising the incline and increasing the pace.

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Today was just baby steps – I didn’t even change shoes or don shorts. I did manage to walk my way through more than one chapter of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Audible. I have the Audible app on my new smartphone and was able to use cordless headphones after managing to pair my Bluetooth set with my phone earlier in the day.

313 (1 of 1)

This morning’s post brought our new map, OS Explorer 313 Dumfries & Dalbeattie. It brought with it quite a thrill, literally, I felt a bit of a thrill of anticipation when the map was waved under my nose. A new app was immediately added to my phone and the electronic version of our new map was downloaded. I find this facility to be pretty damn cool. It has restored some of my penchant for IT actually, after spending the last few days saying how much I hate it. So much so that I spent much of the afternoon exploring new apps for the phone and trying out some Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

I even pondered starting to Vlog.

Some time today was further wasted in investigating the population density of Pokemon in rural Scotland. We’re still minded to have a GO. I spent a happy hour with Pokevision, establishing that there are Pokemon on the loose in Kirkwall and at least one in Stromness but none at all on the outer isles. There were two in Kippford, though!

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