Happy Yorkshire

My Made in Sheffield sweatshirt stubbornly refuses to me found so (and you may be grateful for this) my Yorkshire Day Selfie can not be taken and published. The backup plan was to snap a box of Yorkshire Tea but it turns out that I forgot to pick one up when I went shopping yesterday. We have only pink roses in the garden so… I looked in The Archives only to find that I have no photos of Yorkshire – a handful taken in Yorkshire, but none of GOC itself.

I considered nicking an image.

Then I remembered

Proud to be an ULYgan
Proud to be an ULYgan

Once an ULYgan, always an ULYgan.

Love and kisses to all my u.l.y mates.

Speaking of matters Yorkie – Mr L and I were chatting about our travelling future last night. He was wishing that his retirement has started and I guessed it was because he would like to go to Scarborough for the Cricket Festival. I suggested that another year be designated as The Summer of Cricket. He became so excited at the notion of buying a season ticket and following his team on tour.

We extrapolated and suggested a few other “seasons” that we might have with Hank. The Summer of the Ice Cream Farm. The Railways Season and so on. That could be fun and provide some focus.

Still with Mr L… after 34 years with the same company, he is shortly to retire. He completes his work with a trip down to his office in Manchester in August. There is to be a “do” and he was asked where he would like to go. He said he had no preference and left it up to his colleagues to sort out. In due time three menus were circulated for info and it looked quite promising. The three choices included an all-you-can eat multi-ethnic buffet place, Browns, and an Italian restaurant that seems to be connected to that Jamie Oliver person. Fair enough, he had no strong objections to any of those but his lead contender was the Italian.

This morning Mr L logged into work to find a message to the effect that his manager’s manager has said that they may go off at lunch time. That has never been done before and he has no idea why they have special dispensation for his event. Apparently having the afternoon to play with means that they can either go for lunch and have a cheaper lunch menu or they can go for “afternoon tea” at either Browns or Malmaison.

Oh, my, his face was a picture. 34 years of slog and his leaving do may turn out to be afternoon tea! An alcohol-free leaving do. He doesn’t even drink tea.

That’ll teach him to be diffident – he should have been up front and stated: Rusholme for  a curry and lashings of ale, which is what he would really like.

As for me, I failed to get on the treadmill yesterday but managed a mile today whilst lunch cooked, though I had to get off halfway through and stir. I am going to be immodest and say that lunch itself was absolutely delicious. I made a pot barley risotto, or orzotto, with chestnuts and chestnut mushrooms, sage and rosemary. It almost came out veggie but I elected to add some crispy bacon as a garnish at the end.

I was faced with a terrible decision after scoffing a bowlful: reduce waste or reduce waist? In the end my waste not, want not upbringing won out. I shall never be slim.

Town on Thursday to use up our books of people and car ferry tickets. Hoping to get my Driving Licence renewed. Possibly we’ll take Nell in for her passport. Or maybe not. We might do that when Mr L is on his holidays.

It’s the Sanday Show this week. I am not going to enter. It’s just one more thing to cope with and I don’t need it at this point. I think we shall enjoy just going to have a look around with nothing to do. I hope the weather is fair.

Fair weather tonight too, please, as there is a chance of Aurora and the nights are now just about dark enough to take advantage. I have my batteries on charge as we speak.

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