Cinderella, you /shall/ go to the ball!

An aside: many years ago, when I was wont to make my own clothes, I had more enthusiasm than skill. I had neglected needlecrafts at school in favour of cooking. When I acquired a sewing machine at age 18 I knew the basics, but little else. (I still don’t!) I was fortunate to be a stock size, so I didn’t need to learn to alter patterns. Finishing techniques were neglected entirely. I had a skill that suited me better. I knew how to marry pattern and fabric in such a way that maximum impact was achieved and nobody ever examined the seams… they just went “wow!”

Well, I suppose common sense and instinct should tell us that even the ugliest duckling yarn, shown the correct pattern, can grow into a beautiful swan of a project…

As threatened, I cast on the ugly yarn. I deployed my ancient skill of selecting the correct pattern to show off the material. Something wondrous happened. I loved what grew from it. In fact, something so wonderful happened that I think I shall keep it under wraps for a little while, for maximum effect.

That said – I certainly thought it was pretty wonderful for the first 8 inches. The last two to three inches have been heavy on the sickly banana theme and I am loving it less, though anticipating an improvement again shortly. I suppose that I shan’t know until the end, and there may be a frogging hiccup shortly – as I juggle width v length v yardage – only time will tell.

I do feel very heartened by this experiment and maybe in future I’ll keep that first colour instinct close to my heart and not get feeble about my yarn.

Oh, this project is currently named “Tangles” but may forthwith be known as The Seaweed Scarf.

kermit Update: some measuring and weighing has been done, and some maths. The conclusion is that this scarf will emerge at 44″ – not exactly scarf-like. So I am going to rip it back and cast on with fewer stitches and have a third go. The first attempt was 66 stitches. I currently have 56. I am going to settle at 46… to be truthful, the thing is still wider than I like so going narrower is no problem, unless the colour blocks get out of hand. It seems to work well at 56 stitches. I hope it is as good at 46.

Oh, OK – I know none of this makes sense without visual information…


It’s a Morning Surf Scarf, and I have just frogged it.

Rippit rippit, rippit, rippit, rippit, rippit, rippit, rippit, rippit, rippit…