It came from out of the Fog…

The scarf is completed and ready for blocking. Perhaps not today, it’s so humid that I’d never get my washing dry. That same grey weather contributes to the lack of decent photographs.

So, here’s a photo of the scarf draped over the window, and another close-up of the grafted section. It’s by no means perfect – but not bad considering that it’s my first attempt at grafting a flat piece. Getting the tension on the stitches was difficult as the yarn clings to itself, it’s so hairy*. I tried for a while, but gave up at the “good enough” stage.


It has been a good “fun” knit and I think I would knit this stitch pattern again. A good bazaar make. I’ll reserve judgement until it is blocked, but I think doing the two ends and grafting it was worth the while.

One thing I would say is that those Pony “Wool Needles” that Shash sent me are worth their weight in gold. They are brilliant for grafting and darning in ends. I can’t find a link for them “out there” – but they are product #60643, with three assorted sized nylon-loop-eyed needles to a card. (I must never lose them – they are going to be precious to me.)

I have some yarn left, so may make some matching mitts or gauntlets. There is insufficient for a hat, I think.

* I discovered yesterday that the reason this stuff is nowhere near as nice as my handspun BFL is that it isn’t. BFL, that is. It’s Leicester Longwool! I am certain that I purchased BFL, though! Maybe not such an eBay bargain after all. But it suits the scarf and I hope that it softens when washed in Eucalan.