Confidence and Ambition

What’s the difference between Confidence and Reasonable Ambition? Well, in this case, “something akin to a dog’s breakfast” must be the answer. I am reasonably confident that I have been overly ambitious in wanting to Navajo ply all of the Deep Fried Vegis.

Anyway, it is a skill that I wish to master – and I would prefer to do it on a yarn that I do not much care for, so I shall plough on.

I have my first bobbin of singles plyed. It was hard work.

The part where Nell insinuated herself, and the bucket about her head, ‘twixt myself and my Kate… was really “interesting.”

The yarn looks pretty horrid, actually.

There’s only a small piece of roving left. I can’t see me finishing today as hoped for, but it should be completed tomorrow, I think. It’s difficult to be committed to something that looks so unpromising.

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