I am absolutely shattered and Nell is going back to sleep on her own tonight!

Nell is obviously feeling A1 and she wants to go out to lay. But she isn’t allowed to for another week yet. She’s whining and whimpering and being a right royal pain. Added to which is the fact that she has discovered that although she cannot scratch her own ears, we can do it for her. The demands are becoming excessive. Then there’s the factor of not being able to run off all that youthful energy. This means that she has little need for sleep – a fact that resulted in my having to take her outside for a walk at twenty past four this morning.

Pass the matchsticks.

I went spinning yesterday, for what felt like the first time in weeks. I split my time between spinning and knitting, and did more of the same when I got home.

Spinning is Chez Woolgatherer next week (I’m thinking maybe chocolate brownies) and the week after that we are doing a morning’s activity session with a bunch of nine year olds. Help! That’s not far away. We shall need to do loads of prep. Playing with youngsters is not the same as teaching adults… all useful ideas gratefully received! I imagine we’ll need to alternate short hands-on segments with lots of show-and-tell and looky/feely items? What about games? How do we keep them engaged for two hours? What? Panic? Me? Oh, yes!

The grey scarf is finished and just needs grafting, the DFV is 3/4 spun, the sock has made no progress since Monday.

Alternating activities seems to be working and my hands feel OK – so I hope to finish the spinning some time today. Certainly the weather is not conducive to being out and about picnicking on beaches.

We are having a lobster salad supper, and I may make another pav for pud (we bought fresh peaches on Monday and they are just about ripe now.)

Right – I’m off to graft my scarf.

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