Another lacy scarf from Knitspot.

This one is the Butternut Scarf, knitted in a Colourmart laceweight yarn.

76 days on the needles, but only 7 active days knitting on it. The pattern knits up very quickly, with a nice rhythm. Only one major goof, at the half way point, when I had to rip 11 rows out. I had a lifeline in, thankfully.

Knitted as given, apart from upping the needles one size.

Lovely pattern. Lovely yarn.

A dull day does this no favours
A dull day does this no favours

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous”

Ingrid Bergman

This scarf is every bit as delicate as a kiss,  I think.

“Ingrid” – because this piece of knitting is for comfort in the same way that an old Ingrid Bergman B&W 3 hankie movie is for comfort on a dreary winter afternoon. I don’t have a TV to watch, but I do have lace to knit.

  • Cast on Date: November 3rd, 2008
  • Cast on: Long Tail
  • Pattern: Butternut Scarf from Anne Hanson at Knitspot
  • Pattern Price: $5
  • Yarn: ColourMart Merino/Silk/Cashmere 2/28 NM Laceweight
  • Amount: 26 gms
  • Cost: £1.25
  • Colour: Deep pink
  • Needles: 3.25mm bamboo straights
  • Stitches: as written
  • Pattern Repeats: as written
  • Blocked: Yes
  • Finished Size: 10″ by 50″
  • Cast Off: Standard, in pattern
  • Cast Off Date: Jan 18th, 2009
  • Ravelry Project: Ingrid

Gone to a better home – already!

I  had the devil of a job photographing this scarf – it is a difficult shade to capture consistently at the best of times but the added problem of low light levels made it all the more difficult. Oh – and guess what I noticed when I blocked it? Yep.

I'd love to show the wonderful colour off, if only I could!
Not exactly consistent results!
Not exactly consistent results!
Against the light
Against the light