Here we are, coffee time already! Been on the go since 07:30 and not yet got any desk work done. I can’t say I’ve done no work, as the rubbish went out first thing and laundry got taken out of the washer and a new load put on, and ditto with the dishwasher, and all before my shower. Since then I’ve had my shower, done more laundry, some vacuuming, some parcel packing, some “duty” correspondence, cooked and eaten lunch, put away 14 skeins of yarn, fielded phone calls, caught up on email, refilled the dishwasher and the washing machine again, attended to various dog requests several times… you get the drift.

Lunch was v good but v time consuming. I got a shoulder of lamb out and stripped the meat off the bone and minced it and made a shepherd’s pie, with good things like  red wine and thyme and garlic in it. The bits went into a home made stock for the gravy and I made a parsnip and potato mash for the top of the pie and cooked leeks and peas in white sauce to go with it. Three hours to make, 10 minutes to consume.

I conclude that knitting is the more satisfying hobby, as the end result hangs around a lot longer – and not on the hips, either!

The gloom has not lifted today so no photos and thus no FO posts yet. Perhaps tomorrow. Actually, the cashmere mitts are not yet dry anyway.

Mr L’s sweater makes progress – surprisingly quickly. I am feeling good at having my hands on a large scale project at last. Not quite so good at Mr L’s saying he expects to be wearing it in two weeks’ time, though!

Got to fly. Loads to do – and Craft Club at 7:30…