Inflamed ambition

Remember this?


The Inferno roving from Copperpot.

This is what I am currently spinning. I am not entirely sure that I know what I am doing, but I have split the colours out as best I can and I am spinning the red and the orange alternately. The purple I have put aside. The red/orange will be spun thick/thin. Later on I will ply the purple to it. I hope to include a copper thread. I am not sure yet if that will be a separate third ply or if I will spin or ply it with the purple first. Assuming I can get something, anything, like I envisage that is.

I would like to spin something interesting into this. I have copper coloured beads to hand, but I think that my orifice is too small for such an ambition…

There’s a long way to go. I have two lumps of this stuff.


The washing is almost done… and there was more of it than I had remembered. Since most of it leaked colour I have to wonder why I saved it all up for washing together. I have saved no water/detergent/effort as I had to keep refreshing the bowl in order to get rid of the dye. *sigh*

I have almost every spare pillowcase in the house deployed in readiness for spinning. Hopefully that will not just keep things tidy but will also stop the colour from going where it is not wanted.