The new yarn is sitting in a tub of hot fairy liquid suds. If there is time when this yarn has been cleaned, I’ll get the Eucalan out and get all my washing and blocking done. But it’s getting late now, so there may not be time.

I now have the Inferno roving sitting by my wheel and waiting for me to get on with it. I’m just not clear yet on how I want to spin it. I wish that I knew more about spinning and could make informed choices from a broader set of options! If I ever come into money, I’d like to go off on a course. I have definitely reached the stage now where I want to learn more. A nice residential week-long course would be lovely. *sigh*

You know what? I think that I fancy some glitter in this Inferno. I might see about getting some gold thread to ply it to. It should look rather nice. Actually, copper would be much nicer. I like copper. It’s less garish.