Brrr. My feet are like blocks of ice. They have been that way for several days. Yesterday we had such hailstorms! The ground was completely white-over and the ice stayed around for hours. I settled for taking a photo through the window, with the aid of my little friend, Dougal.

The Aga plinth has just arrived! Unfortunately it lacks the bits to put it together.

Also in today’s delivery was the memory foam mattress topper that we bought in the hope of getting a better night’s sleep when we go away in Brunhilde.

NOT in today’s delivery: the new burner unit for the central heating boiler. With the weather the way that it is, we really could do with it.

I am about to knit. There  are other things that need doing but I want to close the toe on one of my ferry socks in order to have a new cast-on when I go to town next week. Once it is done I can pack my ferry kit into my day sack and forget all about it.

KCBW posts are keeping me well-occupied for now. If I keep this level of preparation up I should be well ahead of the game before Puzzle week starts. The photography day has me a bit flummoxed. I have an idea of what I want to do but no idea of how to achieve it… and I cannot come up with a backup plan! The thinking part has however persuaded me to attempt to fit a small spinning project into the next few days… I’m not sure how that can be done but I am excited at the prospect. I could do with a spare wheel, though!

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