A Plan

So, here is The Plan:

  • Friday – grind floor lumps down and fill in holes with self-levelling compound
  • Saturday – lay insulation boards in range area
  • Sunday – lay floor tiles in range area
  • Monday – seal tiles – Puzzle week commences
  • Tuesday – (day off) – puzzling
  • Wednesday – grout tiles – puzzling
  • Thursday – seal grout – puzzling
  • Friday next – fit plinth and build Aga – puzzling
  • Saturday next – cook celebratory dinner on Aga – puzzling

Tomorrow is the day that the Broadband contract with BT ceases. We assume that the new contract with the preferred supplier will begin on Friday. It may well not be a seamless  process, so I may go  missing for a while. All will be well eventually and in the meantime I think that I may be fully occupied!

As for The Plan – I wonder how far off course it is likely to wander.

I have just been asked what I would like for my birthday. I said some ND filters but I need a backup plan as they are a little pricey. What should I ask for?


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