It’s back, it’s back!

Have I not posted since the 25th. Why is that, I wonder. Have I been busy. What have I been doing. My goodness, where did the weekend go to, I do not recall it at all!

One thing that I can say with confidence is that I have done no knitting. Now, there is a surprise…

The cheese bake and focacccia both happened, the spinning did not. Full Broadband bandwidth was restored to us on Sunday morning, which was a pleasant surprise as we had not been expecting action until Monday. Most of the weekend was down time due to my having passed the lurgy to Mr L. DIY was put on hold.

No sign of the Aga plinth yet, nor any indication of the central heating burner’s imminent arrival. The weather has turned very cold and we are back in our thermal undies.

My sensor still awaits cleaning and I really must organise that in the next day or two.

I suppose that once my broadband came back I must have simply disappeared under the weight of things to do. I do seem to have been rooted to this chair but it hasn’t all been hard work and there has been a great measure of fun involved. My Knit Crochet Blog Week posts are well in hand, with six of my seven posts already drafted. I do need to take a lot of photographs however, if current plans are to be realised.  I reckon that shall need around 30 images, so will have to take perhaps double that number. I am going to be busy – and here it is, Tuesday already!

The return of broadband meant that I could finally get an upgrade price for Lightroom.  I have dithered over it but I do think that I shall cough up, perhaps later today. The main reason for upgrading is purely financial as if I don’t take this step increase, the next one will be two or more steps and therefore no discount will apply.

Despite my love for Lightroom and the fact that Photoshop has slipped from my favour in the past couple of years, I do find myself presently enthused by Photoshop and spending many hours in brushing up my skills.  There are three different Challenges at 365 Project that have moved me to test my PS creativity and, as I said, it is great fun.

Challenged 2015-116-2

The chair image is not mine but one offered up for an editing challenge: What Would You Do, where everybody plays with the same starting image. I could not choose one from the several versions that I made,  so I made a triptych. Not a very good one, given that there is no cohesion or theme other than the same chair. I think I just became excitable.

Yesterday brought with it a surge of energy so despite the fact that I began sneezing my head off and am still doing so today, I did get a large measure of housework done. I then spent my afternoon and evening in preparing my posts for Knit Crochet Blog Week. I need to complete my posts asap as the MUMS Puzzle Hunt starts on Monday and will consume vast amounts of time. Mr L is taking leave and will split his time between puzzles and DIY (if his chest is improved sufficiently). Suzie has to go for a vet checkup for her arthritis meds, so we are all going to town  when I have to go and get my boobs squished. I am taking the opportunity to get myself sheared at the same time and also hope to visit that photo exhibition by Ingrid Budge that I had to skip when the lurgy first struck. We will print off puzzles to work on the ferry. Just to add the icing to the day’s cake, there will be a cruise boat in town too. I’ll take my Nikon and set it to B&W and will try to grab some “Street” shots.

For the remainder of today I shall be trying to think of a way of taking photographs of the spinning process from the point of view of the fibre…

…am I crazy?


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