I will do better

Crazy, awful dreams last night. I was pretty much wakeful all night, on that brain-active threshold ‘twixt sleep and waking. No idea why – I had a salad sandwich and a cup of tea for my evening meal. Not exactly living on the edge, is it? I’m up early again but tired and grumpy with it today.

I almost grabbed my camera and went walkabout at 3am. The sky was all pearly and pink and a layer of mist hung over the ground. It was both beautiful and highly tempting but bed got the better of me in the end.

Not sure where yesterday went. Despite being up and busy early on and getting a great deal of work completed, I actually failed to do most of the things that I had hoped to get done. That matinée jacket took up an inordinate amount of time, actually. It’s more or less finished now, after I unpicked the two wrongly attached seams and sewed them up correctly the second time. It does require a little perfecting – catching the ribbon trim down and so on, to make everything neat, but we’ll call it an FO anyway.

Today I plan to get the games chest put away, as that did not get done yesterday, and also to sort out my images for the Show, another task which failed to be done both at the weekend and yesterday afternoon. Shall I fail again?

Yesterday’s lunch was a bit of an invention test – I’d managed to score an only partially wrinkled aubergine at the local shop this weekend and wanted to use it before it was fully dead. Having pushed the boat out on the eating front on Sunday night, I went for a light vegetarian meal and very tasty it was too, I griddled some aubergine slices and parked them on top of some giant cous cous, using up my last courgette along the way. A spicy tomato sauce topped it all off and we really enjoyed our meal. Today looks as though lunch will again be an invention test. I have some leftover veggie curry and a half-formed (half-baked?) idea of fashioning it into patties with the aid of some gram flour…

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