Further Dull

Lovely day today – I should be out with my camera. I’m not.

The garage is kind of tidied. To the extent that a lot of stuff has been designated as rubbish and hence bonfire fodder and the remainder has been stacked in a tidier fashion, that is. At least there is now space for the incoming three pallets of tiles and adhesive.

I had a stroke of brilliance today. Not all that brilliant really. Pretty obvious in fact. However I was the one to think of it and therefore get the Brownie points. I asked in that pseudo-simple way that we women have to perfect at times: “Could we not use your engine hoist to help get the Rayburn out?” and “might the trolley jack be useful too?

In the course of the day I discovered four unused fluorescent tubes. I’ll need to get an ad into the shops locally to see if anyone can make use of them.

The sofa is now in here. I still need to bring the pine chest up but when I tried it I found out I lacked the necessary strength. Help is required. I’ll go see i f he’s recovered from his tidying up exertions…

Ends have been sewn in on socks and Rainstorm Shawl. The Shawl is lovely. I still need to sew up the matinee jacket. I’ll maybe tackle that tomorrow.

I’m suggesting we head pub-ward for our meal today. I fancy the Thai Chicken Curry, actually. I could take my knitting with me.

Tomorrow I hope to sift through my photo files and see if I can find some entries for the Show. If I can, I’ll take them into town for printing.

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