I need a new plan

The shawl that I thought might make it to the Show this year appears to be a figment of my imagination. I managed to find the pattern last night but a foray into the caravan today suggests that the Windswept Shawl went out with stuff abandoned in Gloucestershire when we changed vans. That’s a shame because I really did want to see that project completed. It is a lovely pattern. Maybe one day I will begin again, but I doubt that I will find such a nice yarn to knit it with.

Anyway, I am about to head off for Makkin’ and Yakkin’ without my intended work in my bag. I’m taking a sock as back up but mainly I plan to be un-knitting, if the light is good enough. I have a doily in need of fixing.

Actually, it is far too nice a day to be sitting in indoor gloom.

Passport photos, duly signed, collected this morning and the applications went off in the post. I also picked up my regular prescription and made an appointment to see the GP for a quick screening before disappearing for months on end.

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