try breathing into a brown paper bag

Our EHIC cards arrived today, a double EHIC delivery. As did the realisation that we need a GB sticker for the van as we do not have Euro-style number plates on the van. I asked if we might have a SCO one instead, and Mr L countered with a suggestion of an Ecosse sticker… but alas, to be legal we must bear the GB plate. I want to add the Ecosse for good measure now, and maybe a large sticker that says “REMAIN” on it, then perhaps our French cousins won’t be pointing their fingers at the stupid English people.

Mr L has been out and about, helping to install a weather station. I stayed home and emptied the wardrobe. I have piles labelled “Rags” “Pack” “Swish” and “Live in hope”. That last is a sorry heap indeed.

I also made  a Summer Green Soup from a leek, an aging Little Gem, the core half of a courgette and the stalks of the asparagus that went into Sunday’s quiche. It might sound dreadful but it was actually rather good and you know, we retired folks must make ends meet… waste not, want not.

There are unpromising noises emanating from the UPS. Is there a thunderstorm around or do we have another crow’s nest on a transformer somewhere (an annual tradition in these parts.) Ah, and the Internet connection is down so I cannot post this.

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