Black Holes

Time is a funny thing, isn’t it. The other day, when our house viewers were here and they said that they would be in touch after their House Report was done on Wednesday, it seemed like such a short time away. yet here it is, only Sunday, and they seem to have been gone ages and we have heard nothing and time is dragging by so slowly that I fear we are perched on the rim of a black hole and life and time are passing us by at a distance.

At one and the same time however, so much is being done and things are happening. More and more stuff is marching out of the door and today we had our passport photos done. Tomorrow we will pick them up, duly signed by a proper person and can get our applications off in the post.

Mr L has managed to reach the data on my failed disk drive. I have checked the external drive, where I appear to have images from 2001 to February 2014 and I am now transferring my those on to a larger external drive. This will then be connected to my his computer along with the sick drive and we’ll top up from mid February 2014 to September 2016. Then I need my images from this laptop moving over to join them and a new Lightroom Catalogue building.

Once the photos are sorted out I need to go hunting on the drive for my knitting patterns.

Do you realise that this year is my final chance to have a crack at the Shawl class in the Sanday Show, if the sale of the house goes ahead. Once the house is sold I shall no longer be a Resident and therefore not have entry to the Knitting classes. I do have a lovely shawl, half-knitted, somewhere. I am wondering if I pulled out all stops if I might get it on show this year. It seems unlikely but… if I sit close enough to this black hole of mine, maybe time will pass slowly enough for me to get the thing done. “All” I have to do then is to find the right project bag, rescue the pattern from my ailing hard drive, and then apply myself to the problem whilst simultaneously emptying the house of everything that we own. Except of course for the blocking mats, wires and pins. In this unlikely scenario, I would probably be in need of those on the night before the show.


  1. spinninggill
    June 25, 2017

    Can I buy them from you when you’ve finished with them? 🙂

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