I hope the rain holds off a bit longer

The rain has ceased and the wind has dropped, the sun is out and there is blue sky to be seen. Hurrah, it has been a miserable few days of late.

The break in the weather has led to a fit of DIY and there is now a hole in the sitting room where the East window used to be. I have every digit crossed in the hope that the new unit will be fitted before dark – the days are not long at this time of the year.

Last night I filled another bobbin of singles, I do enjoy this new routine of fireside companionship. I should probably note that there was a degree of guitar trauma yesterday however.

Mr L’s “new” guitar has a fault and one of the pickups is not working properly. The vendor agreed that the guitar could go back at his expense for repair. Then he got back to us, having remembered where we live , and said he would not pay carriage down. We packed up the guitar and looked up the cost of sending it away: £45 plus.

Statutory rights were checked and it is indeed the vendor’s responsibility but he was very good over absorbing the excess delivery charge on the sale and had also reduced the sale price – we did not want to get him off-side at this stage. Mr L suggested that he return just the pickup for replacement, and thus it was agreed. So the guitar was unpacked again and available for play.

Hugo failed to see much action as after we packed up the fireside activities we took the Guardian crossword to bed. A new-to-us setter kept us guessing for a couple of hours, leaving just enough time for one ep of Californication on Netflix.

I shall have to keep moving today in order to keep warm until the window is restored. No Hugo today. I shall be doing the Dyson Dance to keep my blood moving.

It is the island’s bonfire tonight and I had hoped to go and see if I could take any firework photographs.  That’s looking unlikely now but I suppose getting the new window in and weatherproof is by far the priority.

Prawn Pathia later, with a bit of luck. It all depends on how well the window goes in and at the moment,  it’s not.

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