There’s a man in mi kitchen

There’s a man in mi kitchen, what am I gonna do?

I’m gonna feast on …

…er, um, convenience food, that’s what I’m gonna do. I picked up a jar of sweet and sour sauce at the shop when I went out, just in case of need. It goes against the grain but sometimes there’s neither space nor time in which to cook. If all continues as pear-shaped as currently, I can just whack the thawed prawns into the sauce and steam some rice. It’s either that or go to the pub.

Yes, it’s all going about as wrong as it possibly could.

On the plus side, I did score a can of Raid this morning. Those flies are going to die at last. That is,  once the window is in and I can sensibly spray.

I’m becoming cold now. Time to dig out the woollies.

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