Today is, as my old ma used to say, “a bit miz“. I had hoped to go to town and fetch home some fresh food but Mr L had counselled me that this storm was imminent and that it was likely this afternoon’s boat would not be sailing. he was right – I just heard that it was cancelled, so well done to my old man for stopping me from going out and being stranded.

Turned out to be a good day for sticking my pot of home-made baked beans to our ribs, though!

Mr L tells me that next weekend is set to be a great deal better, so much so that he wants to dust Brunhilde off and go seek some different scenery. There is plenty of time yet for the forecast to change but we are keeping an eye on it and doing some outline planning, though not actually packing the van yet. No, that would be foolish and hasty and bound to bring on the wrath of the weather gods.

It reminds me however that I still need to write up our previous trip. Perhaps I should just knuckle down and get on with it instead of just mouthing?

I still haven’t rifled through my knitting UFOs.

What shall I do this afternoon – write up Brunhilde’s blog, knit on Hugo, or find my alternative knitting project? I find my hands straying in Hugo’s direction. Can I have him finished in time to wear next weekend? No. Not feasible. So perhaps I should tackle something else instead.

Maybe I’ll just go and make a cake for coffee time.

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