Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

Show & Tell

The Show part of today has been scuppered by the Royal Mail.

So, I need something to Tell.


Nope. It is all very boring around here. Sorry.

Humps and Downs

Knitting progress is very slow as I am deeply involved in reorganising the craft room and the knitting that I am finding time to do  is both slow and laborious — but that is all for tomorrow’s WIP post, is it not? And, as for the rest of me, I am struggling with Human Nature… the understanding of it. Or, rather, the Comprehension of Other People, and their quickness to Take The Hump.

It mystifies me.  I just do not understand the way that the world (by which I mean, Other People) functions. I live in a world of my own, in which logic and reason rule everything and to assume anything is to make an Ass of  U and Me. By which I mean… somebody behaving out of character? Take The Hump in retaliation? No, not me, not ever. That takes far too much energy, if you ask me. I’ll verify my understanding by asking a few questions and if the other person is genuinely at odds, then I’ll seek out an understanding of what is wrong in their world to make them act so. If that isn’t forthcoming, then I’ll allow some time and some space in which to effect a recovery. Then All’s Well That Ends Well.

Humps and Grudges – something that Aliens suffer from. Somethings that just leave me speechless and struggling to comprehend.

Life is far too short for such matters.

Sorry, I’m rambling and incoherent. Possibly because part of my brain is off somewhere, trying to understand why an individual’s best efforts should cause any other’s disgruntlement. The world is a very odd place.

Push and Pin

Shall we try for a Try It Tuesday instead?

OK – anybody tried Pushnote yet? I’m struggling to see its use as yet. I tried something similar years ago, when I was still working… so I do mean years (just wish I could remember what it was called!) Will the fact of Mr Fry’s involvement make this any more successful? And how different is it in truth from established apps such as Stumble Upon. Does anybody really need to know what the world and his wife think of any given web page? Isn’t it one’s own opinion and needs that matter?

You might also like to look at Pinterest, especially if you are interested in visual recommendations/sharing.

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