1. Wore my Ripley hat today, with my Simmer Dim about my neck. Felt warm, stylish, reasonably colour-coordinated… and rather smug.
  2. I think only one hen is laying yet, and she has settled to one egg every other day or so. This means we do not have quite sufficient eggs but I still found myself reluctant to buy any extra this morning.
  3. It’s a good job I don’t have to make Spinning Cake this week
  4. Low grade migraine that began on Monday is still with me and won’t go away. This is making me feel very depressed at times.
  5. Really fed up of my eyes hurting
  6. The sun came out yesterday afternoon. This made me very much more cheerful than of late.
  7. The sun was still out this morning. Man in shop complained that it was cold however. He failed to understand my point about the opportunity to don handknits. Notable that I was not the one feeling the cold. Point proved.
  8. Continuing a week of eating up what’s in the freezer. We have dined well. Today’s curry consists of several leftover dishes and will make a fine banquet.
  9. I have failed to make much use of the time freed up by eating freezer food.
  10. But I did put seven squares into my sock yarn blankie yesterday afternoon/evening.
  11. I love my blankie.
  12. The blankie is looking good but I have photo challenges in the way of demonstrating that fact here… my PC card reader refuses to read my photo card. Point blank.
  13. It’s time for me to write a blankie update.
  14. Am wanting to join a woodworking class to make a traditional Orkney “Creepie” stool. It would make a fine weaving bench, I think. Sadly I need £64 for this venture.
  15. There are no street corners on Sanday
  16. I suspect that I will waste time today. Half of me wants to start spinning a fleece, a third of me wants to weave… the rest says “too much like hard work!” The smallest part of me is winning, the part that wants to light a fire and eat chocolate.
  17. Maybe I’ll pop another square into my blankie while I make my mind up about what to do with my day.
  18. Got any red sock yarn you don’t want?


  1. January 15, 2011

    My Ripley has barely been off my head! 🙂 Although I did swap it for a riding hat earlier on.
    Many thanks again for it. I might knit one from handspun for my sister’s birthday.

  2. January 15, 2011

    I’m torn between what to do as well. I’m torn between my newly warped loom, the mountain of fleece I really need to spin up to clear the space in the living room and my beading on my Emily Dickinson shawl.
    I suspect Emily could be finished this weekend if I try so for now that’s won!

  3. January 17, 2011

    I might knit one from handspun for my sister’s birthday.  

    You can always beg some of the Art, if you want to

  4. January 17, 2011

    I my beading on my Emily Dickinson shawl.
    I suspect Emily could be finished this weekend if I try so for now that’s won!  

    Ooh, the delightful Mr Foley can do no wrong in my book. I must dash over to Rav to see your Emily

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