Testing, one-two, one-two, two-one

Finish two, start one is a really good method for  me to get on top of the stash of UFO’s. I actually enjoy working this way, and it is good to see the unfinished pile diminish. I truly do intend to keep this up throughout the year.

However, it is not yet the end of January and here I find myself tested already.

The problem is that I have two projects on the go – one new, and one a UFO… and both are high-concentration projects. Not only that, they are both slow progress projects. Reward levels are currently Low.

Every part of me is screaming out for a new project – something swift and simple. Alas, it will be weeks before I get these two projects completed.

Mingus Socks

The Mingus Socks began in 2008 and have been subject to long hibernation. When I got them out of hibernation I had knit just one repeat of the first leg. That first sock is now  half way down the foot. The end is in sight, but it is slow going. All the same, I have every intention of getting them finished and not seeing them hibernate again… but the thought of wading through the second sock is mightily depressing. Sock 1 will be complete by the end of this week. I promise.

Antalya Hat

I know that I am going to love knitting this hat once I get going. I have done a single repeat so far. The hat does not make progress because I feel that in order to knit it I need time, space and an alert brain. In the last few days no amount of caffeine has made me feel prepared to knit on the hat.

I am already in awe over the design of this hat. Such genius!

I do not love that cable which utilises two cable needles at once… but the Japanese short row business seems straightforward enough…


Spinning today is at S’s house. I have nothing sorted out for my wheel and not much chance of doing so as Mr L is camped out in my workroom, making models for his railway layout. Clearly I cannot take either Mingus or Antalya – both require me to be surgically attached to their chart and fully concentrated upon its execution. I’m not allowed to start something new until these two projects are completed. What to do? I could take the blankie, but that is now at the stage where I need space to spread myself out with loads of wee balls of yarn about me.

Ferry socks? I need to start the second sock of the current pair… but that is so dull, and they aren’t even for me…

I took a look at my hibernating projects on Ravelry. Perhaps working on another UFO would be valid. I saw nothing that could be successfully worked on among a crowd of chattering lady spinners, that I particularly feel drawn to anyway.

Perhaps I will take my weaving, and my swanky new loom stand.

The Blankie

We need a sneaky peek at the area currently under construction.

I added 14 squares last week. Not bad going — and all due to feeling that I wasn’t quite up to par for the Mingus or the Antalya charts.

Danger Signs

So, danger signs abound… and I “accidentally” *cough* ordered some Art yarn for a Clapotis. The Clapotis is the perfect unthinking project… and it is most definitely for me.

How am I going to resist casting on until Antalya and Mingus are completed? Especially if postie brings the yarn before I have to go out to Spinning.

Anyway, I have been thinking. Socks count as 2, not 1, do they not?


What, really?


Blog photo service is currently compromised. I have no way of reading data from the card for my SLR. We are stuck with the semi-functioning pocket camera. My apologies if we do not meet the usual standards.

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