Going Home

Cor, my knees are a bit sore today…

It occurs to me that I did not post an exercise summary last week, nor did I post one yesterday. The truth is that I have been rather lazy recently. Nothing much to tell. However, iFit have also changed their UI and the summary view that I was snapshotting is no longer available. The new summary includes two variables that I am not logging and has shed one that I am.

Bit of  a nuisance, really.

Over the weekend I took a hold of myself and had a jolly good lecture about how nothing is going to happen if I don’t out the work in, so I am back on the exercise routine again. At least, I hope that it can become routine. It’s just so boring and feels like a waste of time when I could be doing something more useful…

The weather was much improved yesterday and so I flung a ball of sock yarn and a pair of needles into my rucksack with my camera and the Baby Surprise Jacket and I walked up to Spinning Group, despite having already done half an hour on the treadmill. I walked home again too. This is why I have sore knees – but I also have several photographic contenders for January’s Changing Seasons montage, to be posted in mid-February.

Apparently I did 6.5 kilometres yesterday. Go, me.

I also seamed the BSJ and chose a sock pattern, then cast on and struggled through two rounds of the chart before giving in and admitting that I could not do it amongst all that chatter. I left a little early, which allowed me to capture some good light as I was going home.

Today I really must get my tax submission sorted – I am fast running out of time!

What have I been doing when I should have been doing my tax submission? Well, I played around with new themes for the blog for one thing. Had you noticed? The other day I tried out six or seven and was surprised to find that I finished up with a WordPress standard one! It’s not perfect and not what I had hoped for but it will do for now, while I continue searching for that one perfect template (which I fear does not exist.) I really must do something about that nasty green though!

Also, I started blogging that Brunhilde trip from the end of September. I’ve barely made a start but at least it’s a small tick off the todo list.

Mainly I have been swearing at and unpicking mittens and getting into the habit of my camera once more.

That and the treadmill, of course.

Here’s the end of Week 10 stats, with a little overrun.

Week 10 and  a bit
Week 10 and a bit

Goals in sight once more (but plenty of work still to do before I reach them.)

Yesterday’s 500 kilocalories came via pasta with roasted vegetable sauce. Tomorrow we have smoked fish and I should like a poached egg with that but the ladies are not providing. I may have to go grab a hen and shake one out of her.

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  1. January 24, 2015

    The new WordPress theme is much better for reading on a tablet. The main improvement is that I can tell which the next post is without having to remember which way the arrows point.

    • January 27, 2015

      Hmm, I kind of like it, but it lacks… something. Not sure what. Yet. In all these years, and I have used WP since it was in Beta, I have ever yet found that one single perfect theme. Many have good points, no one has all of them. I think the best theme that I ever used was Tarski. The functionality was great but I find the look a little too fussy for my taste these days. Mr L still uses it at Sandaysoft.

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