Grasping the nettles

It dawned on me in the early sleepless hours that the only thing to do with the Evil Mittens of Doom is to frog them. So I have. Bye, bye Mittens – I’d like to say it was good to know you but it wasn’t.

Anybody want a Traditional Mitten knitting kit, slightly (ab)used?

Also today I came to my senses and stopped avoiding my Income Tax submission. I’ve just pressed the Send button.

That’s two weights gone from my shoulders.

I’m hungry.

I am in fact the hungriest that I have been to date on this 5:2 regime. I had some Smoked Cod in the fridge and morphed it into a chowder for our lunch. It squeaked in at just about exactly 500 kilocalories each. Four hours on, and my tummy is rumbling. Must make a mental note not to serve that up again on a Fast day.

There were plans for me to head into town tomorrow to get something a little more interesting to inject into our diet. Then I realised it was a “via Stronsay” day tomorrow. So, plans cancelled. There’s nothing that I need all that badly that I’ll sit on a boat for the best part of three hours. Oh, no, indeedy no.

Right – mittens cancelled, tax done, shopping cancelled. I shall be in need of gainful employment tomorrow. It’s still January, I should seek out a UFO for completion. I’m not sure that I wish to.

The Stashbuster Blanket had a wash yesterday and is drying on my table today. The Baby Surprise Jacket was seamed on Monday afternoon and now needs buttons and a wash. I picked up the Curl that I started when I bought the book of Curls – it had got no further than setting the pattern up. After messing up a couple of rows, I frogged it and began again. It’s not really a UFO, especially now I started again. It’s what I feel I should like to be knitting however and I also feel that I might be able to complete it by the end of the month if nothing else gets in my way…

What to do?

There’s a wee voice in my head telling me to complete the Cecchetti. I don’t really want to. I have a feeling that things will not progress well. I could forge ahead and spend a week trying to be strong minded about it and then simply frog it as I have done with the mitts. It gets the UFO count down, one way or another, doesn’t it?


  1. January 24, 2015

    I’ll very happily take the mitten kit off your hands if no-one else has nabbed it. I’ve been wondering about knitting some more hand-related items. What was the problem with the kit?

    • January 27, 2015

      The problem with the kit was mainly myself. I was trying to teach myself to knit with both hands. The Continental Style left hand gave me problems due to the splitty nature of the yarn. Overall I did not care for the yarn much, I don’t really like Trad Mittens anyway so probably would never wear them even if I had made a better job of them. The pattern was poorly written and the chart was so faint and small as to be scarcely readable. Pretty poor for the price, I thought – but very nicely packaged 😉

      Alas, the kit has gone to an islander. I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment before I went to group.

      I shall continue learning to knit two-handed, but with a nice amenable yarn and a project that I might actually wear. I have my eye on a nice Chullo pattern, actually.

      Were you at the landmark Consecration? I’ve been peering at photos to see if I can spot you 🙂

  2. February 5, 2015

    Glad it went to a good home. For two-handed knitting, try some socks (knit inside-out to aid correct tension of the floats).

    I was not at the consecration: I was in bed with a suspected migraine that turned out to be a virus. I wasn’t going to go anyway – too many crowds and you can’t see much from the back. Funnily enough, it didn’t seem like too much of a big deal to me. I’ve read a few blogs since that talked about the day making their own ordination feel more valid, but I’ve never really had a problem with that. I’m pleased that the legislation has caught up with the modern world of course, but I’ve found the campaign for women bishops has had an ugly feeling about it and I’ve kept away from it as much as I can.

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