Saturday at Scar

Postie brought my chocolates this morning, in time for us to pack a few in the rucksack when we went out with my camera. It was the first outing this year for the Sanday Photowalking group and we went to poke around the big house at Scar. The building has been empty since 1994 and is a prime example of how quickly a building can go to ruin. B listed and “At Risk” it’s supposedly under renovation, though it’s difficult to spot any work in progress.

[su_quote ]The folk of Sanday were sure that the spirit within the byre must surely be that of an Indian woman that the evil Laird of Scar had “married” during a sojourn in the east. It was said that when he returned to Orkney, his new “wife” had insisted on travelling with him, but on the fateful journey, the Laird began to have some doubts about the reception he would receive on his return. So, in a fit of panic he pushed his unfortunate wife overboard. And from that day forth he was a cursed man.


Scar House is associated with the Stone ‘o Scar, or Saville Stone – rich in folklore,  close to the site of the Scar Boat Burial, and once  the centre of a thriving community and giving work to many. It’s sad to see it as it is.

The Burness burial ground is adjacent to Scar, so we naturally had to poke our lenses in there too.

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