Fo: Not so Flashy

The ugly bloke socks are an FO. Just a basic plain sock in Regia sock yarn from a cheap job lot I bought from Astrid’s Dutch Obsessions. Nothing much to say about them. Let’s move on and work on something more exciting.

Not so Flashy
Not so Flashy

Named “Not so Flashy” for the flashes of colour in the yarn – the violet and cobalt on black reminded me very much of a portion of the Eighties which I would far rather forget. Can you see these socks with a mullet on top? I can! Sleeves pushed up…. Wham! playing in the background… *shudder*


  1. Fenny
    July 13, 2009

    I really like them! But then, I like Wham! 🙂

    • July 13, 2009

      There’s just no hope, is there?

      BTW – have a great day tomorrow . I was going to send cake (gingerbread) but the sad events of the weekend kind of took over. Have a virtual cake instead?

      • Fenny
        July 14, 2009

        Sad events indeed. I remember her as a tiny little thing when you first had her. *hugs* to you all.

        We had cake at the weekend and I’m sure there will be more during the week.

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