Just been to Backaskaill to collect raffle prize hamper of Fairtrade and home-made goodies. Took the dogs and had a romp on the beach before coming home. Glorious sun. Tide out. Fishing boat in bay. All very picturesque and wonderful. But a bit too warm  for my liking. Also, forgot to apply F50 before going out and am now itching horribly.

Mr L is cutting grass – now on his hols for a week, so the weather won’t last. Expect cold-and-miserable for the ensuing seven days!

This afternoon I have been swatching with the new merino laceweight, for a Handsome Triangle. I think if it does progress, it will end up being over-dyed. The yellow is pretty ghastly, and offers far too much colour contrast. Yuk, yuk. yuk – or possibly… yolk, yolk, yolk!

The pattern is written for DK, but will be perfectly OK at this weight. It will just be far more rows and stitches. It’s a point-up shawl and I can simply repeat until done. The yarn knits up nicely and forms a good fabric. It’s just the busy colour pattern that is depressing me…

Can anybody advise me on how to go about over-dying this yarn, please? I’d liek the yellow to go to coppery brown if possible and I want to take  the pale pink down a couple of shades – is it simply a matter of choosing a brown shade already in the yarn and then using that over the top? I’m clueless!