100 Pure Wool Laceweight

The yarn which was ordered from Uruguay via Etsy on 3rd May, with a 30 day delivery estimate, arrived this morning. The quality looks good – think Malabrigo, but fine and even. It’s not all that fine, considering the length: 950 yards to 50 100 gms (sorry – Ravelry details I copied were incorrect) – it’s a lofty single, soft spun.

The disappointing part was the colour – I chose this lovely coppery shade

Coppery burgundy gorgeousness
Coppery burgundy gorgeousness

and received an equally attractive, but rather less useful garden of yellow, pink, and dark red roses

Skeined tight, loose, and wound
Skeined tight, loose, and wound

The colours are quite nice, apart from the fact that I am not fond of yellow and would not have bought the yarn if I had seen a yellow in it.

Wound into a ball
Wound into a ball

So – what to do with it? I wa splanning to use the rich coppery shades in a Red Emperor scarf but the yarn has so many colour contrasts in it and I don’t like that in a lace pattern…

Any ideas?

I was planning to use one skein of this and sell or trade the other two. It’s up for grabs, if you want some – £7.80 for a skein. Unless I can find a suitable pattern using 2,800 yards…


  1. SpinningGill
    May 22, 2009

    I might be up for a skein 🙂

    • May 22, 2009

      pop round for a fondle and see what you think

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