FO: Echo Flower Shawl

Dancing Shadows began life pretty much as an accident. I had purchased this beautiful Gloaming yarn but was having trouble finding the right project for it. I wrote this, over on Ravelry: Gloaming is an odd yarn. Definitely a laceweight, at 800m per 100g, yet it feels like a sock weight to knit with. The merino dominates, giving it a body and spring that does not, to my mind, suit most lace projects. This yarn has twice been frogged – High Seas  and Lead or Follow – and I have been seeking a suitable pattern for it. This shawl will, I hope, benefit from the extra texture and body.

It is nice to be right 🙂

I am very pleased that I fell across the Echo Flower Shawl pattern. It makes a happy marriage with the yarn. I like my naming of the project, too. Heck, I even like the nupps, now that they are done.

“Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.” – Carl Sandburg (1878-1967)

Gloaming: –noun twilight; dusk.
Twilight – a time when when the shadows dance


Pattern: Echo Flower Shawl by Jenny Johnson Johnen

Yarn: Gloaming from The Yarn Yard

Notes: Started in March, finished in late August, but this was actually a fast knit — taking 5 days. I reckon I could have done it in 3 days, if I had been working on this alone. The nupps are tedious but I would not bead this instead, the nupps look right.

Ravelry Project: Dancing Shadows

It is a simple and pretty straightforward pattern once the knack of the multiple increase and decrease stitches has been gained. The end result is pretty, intricate, and delicate. A very pretty shawl indeed.

Estonian flower stitches

I used 76g of my Gloaming. I think I might have got one more repeat out of it but was very wary, due to my scales being somewhat inaccurate at present… as was my spreadsheet. I found it difficult to set up calculations for all those nupp rows… so I decided to err on the side of caution. As it is, the shawl blocked out to a fairly generous 52″ wide and 25″ deep. The diagonals are 36″. All the same, had I know that my yarn was a generous 108g and not just 100g, I would have gone for it.


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  1. September 20, 2010

    I have an Echo Flowers I did in Kelpie, I only did the small size and I wish it was bigger as it just isn’t large enough to be useful!
    I did put beads in though as nupps drive me bonkers and mine always look rubbish!
    I lent it to Natalie for Woolfest, I must ask her if she’s finished with it yet!

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