FO: Capsicum

I cast on my Herbivore as an antidote to the Herringbone Rib Socks. I needed something colourful to lift my spirits, and a project that would be swiftly completed. I also needed to use up some sock yarn stash.

Pattern: Herbivore by Stephen West

Yarn: Zitron Trekking Hand Art in Tundra

Notes: A simple pattern, with far too many stitch markers.

Ravelry Project: Capsicum

Unusual Shape

Herbivore is a good unisex pattern. The strong clean lines of it would appeal to most men and it really doesn’t look too much like a shawl. It shouldn’t put too many husbands off… call it a neckerchief and they may be sold on it… For the rest of us, that shape should sit nicely — whichever way round we choose to wear it.

I dispensed with the stitch markers after a couple of rows, and settled for reading my knitting instead. Much faster! I knitted the whole thing on straight needles — it got a little bunchy right towards the end, but nothing too unwieldy and I was never tempted to swap to circulars. Good TV knitting, I’d say.

I would make this again. A softer yarn, no nylon content, and a quieter colour… semi-solid, maybe. Green, perhaps.