I elected to knit the Firestarter socks in my Stroud Supersock, in Heather colourway. Firestarter is knitted toe-up, on one circular needle, with a crocheted provisional cast on. Some new skills to learn there, then.

I cast on.

I followed the directions until I got stuck.

I took the knitting off the needles and threw it away, and began again. I thought I had the hang of it this time. But I didn’t. The instructions just do not make sense to me. Not even the expanded instructions at the back. I cast on four times in all. I am now giving up, temporarily.

Heather-Firestarterthb I love the colour of the yarn and the way that it is knitting up, but it is a very fine yarn and I think I need a finer needle than I have in my possession at present. A denser fabric is required for my toeses, I am certain.

I am not giving up on Firestarter. I like the socks and I am determined to harvest the skills required. So, I’ll have a go with some Opal sock yarn instead. I don’t want to waste the Stroud. I have asked for an invite to the Firestarter Sock-a-long in the hope of gaining some assistance in my more idiotic moments.

It’s likely that Firestarter, in whichever configuration, will now take a back seat anyway, as my half price cashmere has arrived. I would like to knit Mr L a pair of socks and they might get done for our anniversary, if I start right now. First, we have to pick a pattern and decide which colour is his.

cashmerebonanzathb growllythb

grreengagethb spectrumthb

I got three different colours – Spectrum, Growlly, and Grreengage – in the event, the Grrrengage and Growlly appear near identical in the skein, so no doubt he’ll get one of those and I shall have the other. He likes all three but if I give him the Spectrum then I end up with two pairs that will get mixed up 🙂

PS – I am not a big Pink fan but I do like this Hydrangea colour currently on special offer at Violet Green (Supersock at £6.99) – at the time of writing, anyway – get it while it’s hot. The BFL lace at £7.49 in Amethyst is highly tempting too, but I really do not need more stash right now.

The Firestarter at Ravelry

Firestarter Sock-a-long