Man Socks

It has been decided. Mr L gets a pair of # One Husband Socks. Reading the directions suggests that one skein will  be insufficient – the pattern suggest 150 gms of fingering. However, this yarn is very lengthy, at over 500 yards a 100g skein, and should be plenty. Time is short, though, so I’ll hedge my bets. Grreengage and Growlly are very similar in shade – I’ll knit cuffs and heels in the darker of the two, and legs and feet in the lighter. If there is enough left over, I’ll get a pair of socks by reversing the colours.

Balls have been wound. All I have to do now is cast on. Which is what I plan to do right now.

Mr Plumbum’s Green ‘n Growlly Socks at Ravelry

# One Husband Socks at Ravelry