Ferry Blankie update

There has been little mention of the ferry blankie project recently – most likely because there has been little progress. There have however been plenty of generous donations! I am hoping that I have kept track of them all and said my thank you’s where they are due.

I added one square to the blankie at Spinning today; made with some yarn that arrived from “Muoriska” in Finland just this very morning, the clear turquoise colour was just exactly what was needed at that point.

There are now ten squares in the blankie itself and six foundation squares waiting to be joined in. I have begun an Excel map of the squares, in which to keep notes of what yarn formed which square – and this should be a useful aide memoire when I come to do the full documentation. It seems a little early for another photograph – very litle has changed.

Casey has been busy coding over at Ravelry and I can now share the blankie project with non-Ravelers.

It is the socks that have robbed the blankie of progress time. I have been sock-knitting with a vengeance. I have one Twisted and one Tribute completed and the second Twisted is about halfway down the leg. Yes. This is a very perverted way of acquiring further blanket squares.